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"This is the 6th box..Love It"... Paula S. Randolph NY

 " Proud happy owner. This will be my second for my second cat" Nancy M, Pasedena CA

"We have a diabetic cat and need to check his urine for ketones. This is perfect". Catherine R, Asheville NC

"Have been using for a few years based on Vet recommendation.
Love this box, would never go back to the old style".      Shelia E,  Brooklyn NY

"Found you by reading online reviews. I love this sytem!!!
I'm replacing all my litter boxes for this". Brandy S, IL

Prior purchases- we love it! Ginger D, Henderson NV

 I found mention of this wonderful cat box in a forum devoted to diabetic felines.... After struggling for a few years trying to find harmony with my 20 year old diabetic cat, Frizbee, to find a suitable box and litter system that we would both like, we finaly ordered your product. There was no adjustment period needed,  she used it straight away. We both appreciate it very much! Out with the piddle pads.... Yay. I would recommend this litter system for any feline. This product is brilliant! Thank you, Adriane & Frizbee.  Adriane B., Los Angeles CA

The first thing I would like to ask is, where have you (and this litter box) been all my life?? I'm serious, I just had to write you to tell you how THRILLED I am with this miracle litter box! My cat was diagnosed with diabetes about 4 years ago, but then went into remission for about a year and a half, and now it has returned…... Therefore, it is *critical* that we be able to test his glucose levels and ketones very frequently, actually, *at least* once a day, as I see it. We have a glucometer made for pets, but I have had terrible difficulty getting even the tiniest drop of blood out of him to test……. On top of that, he goes through regular litter like wildfire since he urinates so frequently and in such large quantities; not only that, but having to dig out all that mess was a nightmare and was literally becoming all but insufferable to me.  Then, I found your litter box. I was skeptical, but feeling desperate, so I just HAD to try it. And I'm a believer! I can't even put into words how elated and thrilled I am to not only say goodbye to expensive and NASTY traditional litter, but also be able to test his urine as many times as I want and need without placing any stress on him whatsoever…..  This litter box is nothing less than an awe-striking miracle. Because of you, a **HUGE** weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Now, I can give my Leo the best care possible AND save money doing it! "Thank you" doesn't even come close to telling you how much fear and frustration in me that your invention has fully erased!. Rest assured, I'm going to be spreading the word like a preacher to cat owners. You are a SAVIOUR to diabetic and non-diabetic cats owners alike!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ms. Maguire. You are a Godsend. 

A Jacobs, Philadelphia, PA

" I have a cattery and this is my fourth Smart Cat Box. I've been using them for about a year with great success. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in litter. I love not having litter dust all over the house too. I can't believe that everyone doesn't use these! When I add a link page to my website you guys will be on there! Thank you so much and God Bless, Robin G, Paris MI
" I want to thank you for inventing this amazing cat litter box. My cat was diagnosed with diabetes a few months ago
and I thought I would go crazy and broke, cleaning and refilling her litter box!! You have saved the day! Ella took to
the new litter right away and it works like a charm. Also, so much easier to check the test strips. I would recommend
this to anyone with a cat. whether the cat has diabetes or not.
My thanks to you, again. 
Joanie & Ella (the cat), Seattle WA  
"My cat is not diabetic, but I encourage him to drink frequently to prevent kidney problems so he urinates a lot.
I had grown tired of having to scrape out the soggy litter and wash the box every few days, soI love the convenience,
(the) design and the ecological benefits of the Smart Cat Box.
I've been using the same starter bag of safflower seed (litter) for more than three months now by following your
simple instructions to refresh it. In the old days, I would have, in that time, been forced to clean the box more than
a dozen times, dumping nearly 100 pounds of foul litter in our local landfill, so not only do I and my cat thank you,
but Mother Earth thanks you! And, my sister will be next on the list; she's ordering a Smart Cat Box, too!".
N Dow, Brighton MA

"After hunting for a good and ecologically sound cat box solution for ages, I stumbled across your Smart Cat Box and just had to order one.
It's been two weeks of having the SCB and a normal box with flushable litter and another 3 days of just the SCB and I can't be happier.
Both my cats took to it easily, there is no urine smell, easy as pie to empty, great for my asthmatic cat since she doesn't have to breathe
in dust any longer, and clearly so much better for the environment. Thanks for inventing this.
Gabriel G., Minneapolis MN

".... received the {Smart} Cat Boxes and wanted to share: Thanks for the tip about mixing the seeds with clumping litter. This has been the only way to get my 4 cats interested in using the boxes. I mixed the seeds half-and-half with nonscented clumping litter, and to my surprise, the clumps are easy to remove and the seeds don't stick. After a while the (clumping) litter is gone and the cats are used to using the boxes. I have 4 boxes now and am very pleased at the tremendous savings on landfill waste and $$ spent on multiple 40-lb. bags of litter every month! This is a great idea for people wanting to reduce their impact on the environment. Dawn P.

"I am totally in love with my new Smart Cat Box....
It's completely fantastic! I've been searching
for years for the perfect cat litter.... and I've been through every natural biodegradable cat
litter out there. The Smart Cat Box... is so easy to care for. There's no scooping into bags and
hauling outside to the trash. I'm a tech for a holistic veterinarian and have been recommending
it to our clients who have cats not only because it makes it easier to collect urine when
necessary but also because it's envitonmentally friendly.
Cloey C., Tampa FL

"The Smart Cat Box is the nuts! What a great invention. I bought three... one for each of my cats.
They are so easy to care for. No dust or smell like the clumping litter. And, best of all I don't
have to dispose of the 16 lb bowling ball of used kitty litter every week. I recommended this
product to all my cat owner friends.
Ron R. Fabius NY

"I have to tell you that your system has made a huge difference in the care of our cat.
She was diagnosed a year ago as diabetic. .... The ability to measure her ketones and
urine glucose has helped us diagnose any problems or changes needed before it turns
into an emergency, which has saved us lots of money and heartache, in addition to
our cat's life.Our whole family thanks you".
Anne B. Fort Collins CO

"....Everything about the Smart Cat Box is amazing. So simple...I have recommended it to
every cat owner I know. This has made my life with my three cats a BREEZE compared to the
traditional cat litter boxes I previously used.  .... The hassle of purchasing, toting, cleaning
and disposing of cat litter, not to mention the odor, was horrible. Those days are gone!
I've owned my system ..three months and I spend a tenth of the time maintaining the cat box.
I just want you to know... how grateful I am you took the time and effort to design such
a fabulous system"e;.
Gail S. Keller TX

"I never submit comments back to companies even when I am thrilled about a product --
but the relief I am experiencing after finding such an immediately succesful solution to
this really frustrating problem is worth writing about. 
This box has made dealing with
Marlowe, my diabetic 10 year old kitty, 100 times easier and SO
much less expensive
and wasteful.
  Thank you so much, this thing rocks!!!  I am going to replace all of our
litterboxes with Smart Cat Boxes.  Thanks again.
Kristin  (received by our partner-

"We maintain three standard litter boxes for our four indoor cats. Our litter boxes
were cleaned weekly and the litter changed. With all the maintenance effort and cost,
nothing we tried would eliminate the strong smell of cat urine throughout the house.
When our local newspaper ran a feature article about a new cat litter box, called the
SMART CAT BOX, we ordered three. We are elated withthe results.
Our home for the first time in many years is free of the smell of cat urine and to
really make things great, our costs for litter has dropped dramatically.
We highly recommend the SMART CAT BOX".
Rodger & Lola P. Siletz, OR

"Short of being completely automatic, this is the most trouble free cat box anyone could possibly have.
Thanks for an incrediblysimple and useful invention"e;.
Dan R. Newport, OR

"I would just like to tell you how wonderful I think the Smart Cat Box is!!
I'm a new owner and in just a few days I can tell how easy and inexpensive it will be to use.
I have a diabetic cat and was going thru Soooo much litter per week.
I think this product would be of interest to most cat owners, not just those with health issues.
This could revolutionize litter boxes all over the country".
Deb Shackeford

"I have used the Smart Cat Box for 10 days and I am very happy with it. Gone is the smell
of a traditional litter box, and the floor around the box stays CLEAN!
This litter box is the next best thing to my cat just using the toilet himself".
Carol R. Newport OR

Thanks! You've done the cat-loving world a real favor.
I'm spreading the news to all my co-workers and friends
A Adams, Athens GA

Sara, we can't thank you enough for inventing this litter box!
Our cat has been diabetic for three years.
This has been the most valuable tool in helping keep our home free of odor.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
W & K Hinch, Deptford NJ

"I've used a prototype in my practice over the last year and found it very helpful.
It is very safe, very natural.I've been very happy with my experience with the Smart Cat Box.
It has been very helpful in our practice".
Dr. Steven Brown, DVM:
Animal Medical Care of Newport Oregon

"Just wanted to let you know how pleased we have been with our Smart Cat Box.
My cat, who is a recovering obese cat, had trouble keeping clean in even the largest litter box
--she would constantly walk in the freshly-wet clumping litter and get it stuck through her toes
and all over her hind legs. No more of that with the Smart Cat Box. It is far easier to empty
the collection reservoir and flush away her waste than to clean up clumping litter. I don't
have to clean up the cat's feet-- she always hated that -- and because there's no dust the
litter box area stays clean too.It's a terrific product".
David S & Emma, Auburn Hills MI

"I have one...had to get another because this product is so great".
Rebecca N, Sandy UT

I LOVE the Smart Cat Box. It's the best system out have a customer for life.
Thank you for your invention.
Braden P, New York

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