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The patented SMART CAT BOX is amazingly simple. It is a two-box nested system. The top box holds the new, non-absorbent olive pit litter. It has a slotted floor to allow the rapid flow of urine directly into a covered, removable urine collection reservoir housed in the bottom box. Cats use the SMART CAT BOX as usual. All urine ends up in the collection reservoir and can either be flushed down the toilet or the urine can be tested for blood glucose levels, pH and other conditions in cats. A very smart solution to an age-old problem.
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SMART CAT BOX Starter Kit / Olive Pit Cat Litter
Sale Price: $57.95
SMART CAT BOX Starter Kit / Olive Pit Cat Litter
SMART CAT BOX with NATURE'S BEST Olive Pit Litter & Scooper
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