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Providence House Mfg. Inc. introduced the SMART CAT BOX, the advanced patented design in litter boxes at the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. We had the opportunity to talk with many of you who stopped by our booth to see a demonstration on this amazing new product. The overriding concerns we heard from Veterinarians, associates and technicians were the problems associated with obtaining urine samples for urinalysis for diabetic and special needs cats. The Smart Cat Box is the new, innovative, easy, cost-effective and ecologically friendly method to obtain uncontaminated feline urine samples at home with less stress on the Vet, less stress on the cat and less stress on the cat owner.    
Thank you,
Sara Maguire, President & Inventor

PATENTED SMART CAT BOX tm MAKES FELINE URINE SAMPLE COLLECTION both SIMPLE and NATURAL. What makes the Smart Cat Box so Easy and Natural to use?  The new, innovative patented concept is amazingly simple. The SMART CAT BOX is a three-part urine collection system. The top box has a permeable floor to contain non-absorbent litter pellets. The bottom box has a slanted floor and a drain hole to allow urine to flow directly into a covered urine collection reservoir housed in the bottom box. The reservoir is removable for easy collection or disposal of urine.  Feces is scooped out of the non-stick litter pellets and disposed of. Cats' urine and scratch as usual. The litter stays dry, and the cats love it.  The entire urine collection process is simple and natural.  The SCB concept is so unique it has been granted patents in the US and Canada.


Providence House is offering a direct ship program for Veterinarians.  You sell this amazing new cat litter box to your clients without stocking inventory.  Please call for details.

 The entire urine collection process is simple and natural the SCB concept is so unique it has been granted US and Canada patents.
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