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Sale Price: $77.95

Smart Cat Box - Diabetic Cat Litter Box - Urine Collection System for Easy at-Home Uranalysis - Made in the USA

The ORIGINAL - Patented - Smart Cat Diabetic Litter Box.

Contains: 1-Litter Box; 1-8 LB Bag Litter; 1-Reservoir; 1-Scooper; 1 - Vial; 1 - Box of 50 Test Strips for Ketones & Glucose.  The Smart Cat Box is amazingly simple. It's the ultimate litter box for your pet’s health. The All-Natural, Non-Absorbent, Eco-Friendly Olive Pit Litter is 100% natural, 99% dust free and less tracking. The urine flows into a reservoir for urinalysis and/or easy disposal. The reservoir when full holds 4 cups or 32 ounces.  The urine and solid waste can be disposed of in the toilet. For In-Home Urinalysis see "Smart Cat Box Diabetic Litter Box". TESTIMONIAL …” thank you” for the boxes! They are wonderful! I recently had a situation with the 2 cats in my back room. They had no physical signs of any illness and seemed perfectly healthy and happy. But when I emptied the urine receptacle on Saturday, I noticed it was unusually dark. I brought it to work and ran a urinalysis and, sure enough, there was blood and crystals in the urine. We tested both cats and both have URI’s! Your litter box alerted me to a problem that I would have otherwise not have detected! Thanks!! Cindy C. San Bruno, CA BE PRO-ACTIVE WITH YOUR CATS HEALTH. Vets agree that early detection is the most powerful tool they have for maintaining good feline health. Recent major trends in Pet Care (Home Testing, Wellness Screening and Pet Insurance) all rely on an efficient, natural and user-friendly Urine Collection System (UCS). The patented Smart Cat Box is the only UCS that meets the requirements for all three advancements in pro-active pet health care. Home Urinalysis for cat diseases include, but not limited to, diabetes, CRF and UTI is endorsed and recommended by veterinarians, less stress on the cat, less stress on the owner and less stress on the vet. In-home urine collection for urinalysis provides reliable test results for a wide range of cat illnesses. Home testing is much easier and much less expensive than frequent visits to the vet. Wellness Screening is a growing practice by cat parents in the home.

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