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The SMART CAT BOX is a valuable diagnostic tool when used in
conjunction with your Veterinarian diagnosis.  Click here for WELLNESS SCREENING KIT

It is now possible to test and monitor your cat's renal threshold levels
at home.
The SMART CAT BOX  makes urine collection for urinalysis
simple and natural. Your cat uses the SMART CAT BOX just like any
other litter box. The urine is collected in the covered, removable
reservoir and, using urine test strips, can be tested for renal threshold
levels. The results can be reported to your veterinarian for diagnosis
and treatment as necessary. In many cases, the tedious and painful 
blood glucose testing procedure is now eliminated; replaced with
an inexpensive, simple and natural procedure done in the home.
Easier on you, easier on your veterinarian and easier on your
feline companion.
Be sure to check out the website for important
information about diabetes in cats.
Also, the Feline CRF Information Center
is a valuable site if your cat has been diagnosed with ERD or CRF.






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