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So, you don't like the litter box. Don't blame your kitty.

Get SMART for your cats:  No dust, No Clay
Let SMART work for you:  Less maintenance, Less cost

Get the SMART CAT BOX tm

It is Time to Think
Outside "The Box"
The new way to Collect and Dispose of Cat Waste

Endorsed & Recommended by Veterinarians

Simple, Natural & Economical
The ULTIMATE Litter Box for Healthy Cats
A MUST for Diabetic, CRF, UTI, and Special needs Cats
  Not Just Another Litter Box..It's the SMART SOLUTION
Pet Friendly * User Friendly * Eco Friendly
 * Less Work * Less Expense * Less Odor * Less Tracking * No Dust
The Ultimate Urine Collection System






Welcome To The SMART CAT Web Site

Introducing the Amazing New 
SMART CAT BOX;  The most user-friendly and most ecologically friendly cat litter box in existence today.  This new, patented concept in cat litter boxes is an innovative urine collection system. It incorporates the means to quickly collect and easily dispose of urine, in it's natural liquid state, without any mechanical or electrical parts.  The SMART CAT BOX incorporates new, safe, all-natural, long lasting and odorless non-absorbent cat litter pellets which do not add to the increasing volume of cat litter being dumped into our land fills today.The SMART CAT BOX is the only cat litter box featured in the WHOLE GREEN CATALOG 1,000 Best Things For You and The Earth.
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