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Frequently Asked Questions about the SMART CAT BOX:

Why do you call it the SMART CAT BOX?

It's all about the New Advanced Design. The fundamental difference is that the SMART CAT BOX is an entirely new approach to the way we collect and dispose of cat urine. The new, patented design is amazingly simple. The SMART CAT BOX is a three component Urine Collection System. The top box has a slotted floor to hold non-absorbent, non-clumping cat litter. The bottom box has a slanted floor and drain allowing urine to flow directly into a removable covered urine collection reservoir for easy collection and disposal.

How does the SMART CAT BOX work?

Your cat jumps into the top box and urinates as usual. All urine passes through the non-absorbent litter and through the slotted floor to the bottom box. Urine flows down the drain into the covered reservoir. The urine can be tested for blood glucose levels or other illness, if necessary, and then disposed of down the toilet. Feces do not stick to the litter and is scooped out and disposed of. Both EASY & NATURAL.

 How do I dispose of the feces?

As mentioned, urine can be collected for urinalysis or flushed down the toilet.
Disposing of the feces is a little different. We have heard that cat fecal matter
may harm sea otter if it reaches their ocean environment. If you live close to the
ocean, please do not flush but put the feces in a (paper) bag and dispose of in
the trash. It will do no harm in the landfills.
If you do not live near an ocean it is safe to flush fecal matter down the toilet.
A few seeds may stick to the feces, depending on firm it is, but this should not create
a problem.

I love the Smart Cat Box but my cat won't use it. What do I do?

This is not uncommon. Some cats have a tough time adjusting to new litter. There are two methods to transition your cat from their current litter to the new olive pit litter. (1) Try putting a [thin] layer of the new litter on top of the current litter in the old box. Place your cat in the old litter box a few times to see if they get used to it. If so, place your cat in the SMART CAT BOX with the new olive pit litter. If they become used to it in the old box they should use the new box. This method has worked with many customers.
(2) If your cat still won't use the new box try putting a [thin] layer of their old litter on top of the new litter in the SMART CAT BOX and place your cat in the box. Since they are familiar with the old litter they should use the new box. When you try this method be sure to remove the old box so that they do not use it. If this works, the old (clumpable) litter will soon clump and can be removed leaving only the new olive pit litter. This method has worked for many customers.

What is your Return Policy?

Sorry, if the SMART CAT BOX has been used, we cannot accept returns. If used, they cannot be resold.
If the shipping carton has not been opened or if the box has never been used it can be returned.
There is a 15% restocking fee and buyer is responsible for return shipping.

What are the Advantages?

Much easier to keep clean and the litter stays dry. No more scooping and scraping. The non-absorbent litter remains dry and odor free. Your cat will love it. The litter pellets last for several months.  You'll love the savings.  The SMART CAT BOX is inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to maintain. Under normal conditions, with one cat it can pay for itself in 7 weeks and with two cats it can pay for itself in 4 weeks.

Why is it a better litter box for my Diabetic Cat?

While blood sampling may be the best test for diabetes, urine sampling for blood glucose levels is a much less traumatic second best. It all but eliminates the need for veterinarians to squeeze or puncture the bladder (cystocentesis) to obtain urine specimens for urinalysis.  With the SMART CAT BOX, you can now test for blood sugar levels easily and naturally at home as often as needed using urine test strips and reporting results to your veterinarian.

Has the SMART CAT BOX been tested by a veterinarian?

The SMART CAT BOX have been thoroughly tested by cat owners and by veterinarians.  "I've used a prototype in my practice over the last year and found it very helpful. It is very safe, very natural... I've been very happy with my experience with the SMART CAT BOX. It has been very helpful in our practice".
Dr. Steven Brown,DVM:Animal Medical Care of Newport, OR.

What size is it?

The SMART CAT BOX is approx. the same size as a conventional cat litter box: 20"L x 15 1/2"W x 7 1/2"H.

How big is the urine collection drawer?

The covered urine collection reservoir holds 24 oz. of fluid. Normally enough capacity for one cat for several days or a few days for multiple cats. The reservoir drawer is easy to remove and easy to replace.  It has a spout so that urine can be poured into the toilet without removing the snap-on lid. It is easy to clean with the lid on.

How do I clean and freshen the litter and the SMART CAT BOX?

Depending on the number of cats that use the box and the frequency of urination you may find it necessary to freshen and clean the litter periodically. We have tested a product that works very well. It is called Clorox Anywhere(tm). It is non-toxic and available locally. We do not endorse or carry the product but it works wonders. Just spray the litter and allow to dry; no rinsing is necessary. Periodically you may want to clean the floor of the bottom box. Use the Clorox Anywhere spray and wipe with a paper towel. If you wish, you can make your own formula ; 1 tbs of bleach to 1 qt of water and spray litter as required. 

What is different about the litter?

The Nature's Best Olive Pit Litter is all-natural, ecologically & environmentally friendly, renewable, sized specifically for the Smart Cat Box and is grown in the US.
The olive pit litter is less expensive and has a natural scent; (some cats prefer this). 

Other Facts:

The SMART CAT BOX has no electrical or mechanical parts. The unique design has been issued US and Canadian Patents.

The olive pit litter is patent pending.




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